Top 5 cloud computing trends your enterprise should leverage to succeed in 2021 and beyond

Companies are utilizing cloud computing to improve their entire processes because they recognize that cloud computing is come to transform the world as we know it. We’re searching for a lot more stable and cost-effective approach to managing their IT infrastructure. The advancements in cloud computing have resulted in a growing reliance on it. Cloud computing has advanced to the point that it is now much more cost-effective, adaptable, and scalable than it was when it was first introduced, and it has become the new normal for the IT industry. According to Gartner’s research, the leading cloud service providers will have an ATM-like presence to provide a subset of their services by 2023. Cloud computing is here to stay, as seen by the fast adoption of cloud computing by businesses of all kinds. With 76 per cent of businesses wanting to adapt to cloud apps and platforms to speed up their IT service delivery, the market is developing at a breakneck pace.

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Cloud computing Trends expected to loom large in 2021:

1. Edge is the new cloud- New business models that allow edge deployment will emerge in 2021, as will efforts by cloud platforms to compete, as well as AI and 5G driving the spread of edge use cases, according to Forrester.

Consumers will transfer their cloud plans to the edge over the next three years to catch up with all of this innovation and become more connected, according to Forrester. While public clouds will play a role, we do not believe they will be dominant, since their culture is based on enormous data centres and strict architectural control, which is the polar opposite of what businesses require to service clients locally.

2. The year of cloud-native- The necessity to be active and agile in the face of shifting market dynamics will promote the use of containerization and cloud-native apps in 2021. According to IDC, cloud-native solutions will be used to deploy and extend over 500 million digital apps and services. As enterprises attempt to bring out apps and services in record time, Kubernetes in production is expected to become commonplace in 2021. It also implies that in the coming year, cloud-native protection will take centre stage, since more threats will be focused on settling app data. As a result, the relevance of DevSecOp will grow dramatically in 2021.

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3. Cloud providers and their response to the pandemic- Cloud companies with solid infrastructure have responded successfully to the global challenge brought on by the epidemic. The flexibility of various cloud providers was put to the test as a result of this unexpected influx of data points coming from all directions, placing a lot of stress on the cloud base of enterprises, and those with a contingency management strategy in place have demonstrated their strength. A well-managed cloud can withstand a sudden increase in demand or traffic. A proactive approach to crisis management has prompted cloud providers to stress-test their data centres in the future to ensure that they are ready for the worst-case scenario.

In reaction to the economic instability brought on by the pandemic for some small and mid-sized businesses that are cloud users, cloud providers can take a customer-centric approach and maybe give them the benefit of the doubt by lowering costs. It might be a golden chance for some cloud providers to project a more responsible and compassionate image in these trying times.

4. Cost-effective- Cloud providers can take a customer-centric approach in response to the economic volatility caused by the epidemic for certain small and mid-sized enterprises that utilize the cloud, and maybe give them the benefit of the doubt by cutting pricing. In these challenging times, it might be a wonderful opportunity for certain cloud providers to present a more responsible and sympathetic image.

Different cloud providers have different pricing and billing models, so businesses must figure out what works best for them. This is how they can develop the best cloud computing strategy while keeping costs low and reaping all of the benefits. cube LABS has a proven track record of managing several cloud computing projects. SpotWorks, our patented cloud management, and optimization software can help you save 40-80% on your cloud costs!

5. The route will be paved using hybrid cloud infrastructure- Firms are increasingly moving towards a more multi-cloud verse to suit their demands, and new cloud strategies and technologies have made applications more portable. One of the significant developments in cloud computing is the use of hybrid clouds. Several cloud providers provide advanced and distinctive services, which organizations are taking advantage of. After determining what they want to achieve, a business can pick which cloud service to use instead of a long-term legacy cloud provider.

According to a Flexera poll, 93 per cent of respondents claimed their firms have fully adopted a multi-cloud approach. It highlights how, in the future, the old manner of buying a certain set of infrastructure from a single provider will not cut it, and that organizations must become more nimble in their cloud purchasing behaviour.

Bottom Line- Technological innovation, activity, interoperability, personalization, and cooperation are some of the ideas that continue to drive cloud computing and will continue to do so in the coming decade. Cloud 34computing trends in 2021 and how the sector may evolve in the future years are on the minds of not only professionals but also businesses. Today’s businesses have realized that the possibilities for cloud management variation are vast and dynamic. Some companies have already gained traction as early adopters of industry-best cloud practices, while others simply happen to be in the game.

Cloud computing has become a critical driver in an organization’s digital transformation journey, and cloud foundation has become the most important aspect of it: the trends presented here will define their cloud migration, including adoption plans as organizations seek to make their cloud more cost-effective, agile, and scalable.

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