Top 10 trending courses of the year 2021

Top 10 trending courses of the year:

Professional certification classes are an excellent way to advance your knowledge and abilities. They can assist you in showcasing your hobbies and potential to potential employers while building your resume for lucrative career opportunities. Students who were unable to get quality applications benefited from certification courses. Certification courses are both cost-effective and time-saving, and they provide an engaging learning environment as well as networking opportunities for greater employment prospects. It enables you to learn at your own pace. It improves a person’s career prospects. Extends your knowledge and abilities, preparing you for more stable employment. It assists individuals in enhancing their professional prospects, such as promotion, wage raises, and job mobility.

Top trending online courses:

1. Data science-

Given the massive volumes of data created nowadays, science is a crucial component of every industry. Data science has become one of the most widely debated subjects in recent years.

Data science is the study of large amounts of data and the application of current tools and methodologies to uncover patterns, extract meaningful information, and make business choices.

Big data analytics, data visualization, statistics, and predictive analytics are the core topics of study in data science degrees. Studying data science can help you advance in your job.

2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning-

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technique for creating computer systems that mimic human behaviour or decision-making. Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that solves problems by analyzing data. These problem-solvers are data-trained models that learn from the data they are given.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two of the most interesting 21st-century technologies. Certifications in AI and machine learning can assist IT professionals with a mathematical or statistical background advance their careers.

3. Cloud computing-

Cloud computing is the most popular method of delivering computer services over the internet to provide quicker revolution, more flexible resources, and cost savings. Servers, storage, databases, analytics, software, and networking are all taken away by services.

Engineering graduates who wish to be cloud developers, cloud architects, cloud administrators, and other comparable professions should pursue a PG Diploma in software development (cloud computing concentration).

4. Software development-

We are all surrounded by software at this moment. It is important for businesses since it allows them to differentiate themselves from their competition and become more competitive. Customer experiences can be improved, more feature-rich and prolific goods can be brought to market, and setups can be made more productive, efficient, and secure through software development.

Advanced degrees in software and technology are among the popular courses made possible by the lockdown.

5. Cybersecurity-

Simply scanning the headlines reveals the need for additional cybersecurity professionals: data breaches and hacking are becoming more common, and most firms are recognizing the need to defend themselves from such assaults. There has never been a better moment to seek a career in the rapidly growing industry of cybersecurity. For individuals interested in cybersecurity professions several software development courses provide a specific study route. Application security, data secrecy and encryption, network security, and training in git, java, AWS, Python, and other advanced skills are taught in a postgraduate level cybersecurity curriculum.

6. Digital marketing-

For professionals such as brand managers, salespeople, marketers, and entrepreneurs, digital marketing is a fascinating topic. The breadth of conventional marketing has grown in tandem with the growth of internet riddling and online activity. When it comes to digital marketing, the possibilities are endless. Digital marketing has advanced significantly in recent years and will continue to be the most effective marketing tool in the future.

7. Blockchain-

Blockchain is a fast-evolving discipline that has the potential to revolutionize sectors such as real estate, healthcare, banking, insurance, and many more. Blockchain is the solution to many problems, whether it is for crypto-enthusiasts or business brains.

Composer, JavaScript, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts, and other topics are covered in blockchain development certifications. This path requires a background in engineering, mathematics, or computer science.

8. DevOps-

DevOps integrates the event and operations arms of software programs, as the name implies. In today’s market, IT organizations must keep ahead of their competition, and DevOps allows agile software development methodologies.

DevOps has a bright future ahead of it. It’s something akin to a cultural change or anything that pulls previously disparate elements together in the development.

9. Computer science-

As the economy becomes more reliant on computers and the internet, computer science is becoming increasingly vital. While everything nowadays is done online, the IT business has grown to be a thriving business in comparison to other professions.

In the future, there will be a high demand for computer science engineers and programmers.

10. Full-stack development-

Front-end and back-end technologies are addressed in full-stack development. Java, Oracle, React, AWS, WebDriver, and other programming languages and technologies would be covered in a normal full-stack course.

You’ve probably seen how bright the future seems for full-stack developers as businesses become increasingly reliant on technology and the internet. As a result, the need for such professionals is growing. Without a question, the future of a full-stack developer is bright and promising, and now is the ideal moment for everyone to master this skill.


Using this blog, we were able to find the most popular and relevant courses. We wanted to make you aware of your possibilities so you could make an educated professional decision. So, pick the certification course that best suits your needs and get started learning right now.

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