Android App Development Trends in 2021

There is no doubt that Android is the most popular mobile operating system, with 85 percent of the market share and more than 3.04 million apps in the Google Play Store, ranging from everyday necessities such as calendars, web browsers, social networking apps, or sophisticated games to corporate mobile apps. 

When it comes to developing mobile apps, the Android operating system reigns supreme. Android applications are user-friendly and will have an impact on the app business in the future. Android app development dedication is expanding with the most up-to-date android app development trends and technology, as ubiquity and delivery of commodities and assistance rise.

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Android Instant Apps 

In Android app development, instant applications are no different; nevertheless, they are still evolving effectively. Android Instant apps allow users to test out games and apps without having to install them on their smartphones. They prevent consumers from downloading the app and allow them to access the internet quickly and easily without installing it.

Blockchain Technology 

Using robust security standards, blockchain technology provides decentralized app development options that improve clarity and eliminate unwanted access and intermediaries. This is a comprehensive Android app development solution geared for financial institutions such as banks, currency exchanges, and other financial institutions.

Artificial intelligence and Machine learning 

Building AI models that supplement normal systems or accomplish jobs (which were before impossible) has become more comfortable since cloud computing has provided each company with a large quantity of processing power. According to Accenture, contemporary AI may boost productivity by as much as 40%. The flexibility of explanations is both the strength and the weakness of AI development. They may be used to automate a variety of tasks by combining picture recognition, natural language processing, and data analytics. 

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Multiplatform Development (Flutter) 

Flutter is a new Google technology that has the potential to be used for Android app development. This framework enables the creation of apps with a native interface. Because of its combinability and compliance, many developers pick this platform to construct mobile apps. 

Google Assistance/ chatbots 

In 2021, more entrepreneurs or business partners will benefit from linking their apps’ services and content to Google Assistant. The nicest part about this connection is that it allows you to provide more flexible methods for people to utilize your app correctly in the Assistant. You may use Google Assistant to deep-link to essential functionalities within your mobile app using App Actions. 

Application Performance Management and Enterprise Mobile Management  

Enterprise mobile app development includes two key components: application performance management (APM) and enterprise mobile management (EMM). These technologies are used to compensate for a mobile app’s flaws. With the growth of mobile app development, it has evolved into a quality assurance checker for mobile apps. It not only helps with app security and protection, but it also allows employees to share large amounts of data via mobile devices. 

5G Technology 

In comparison to 4G networks, 5G technology is significantly faster, which is unprecedented. 5G technology, which uses a high radio frequency and a speed of 100 GBPS, achieves better data transfer utilizing 1.4 billion mobile devices throughout the world. You may use 5G to develop a feature-rich app to boost company performance. 

Internet of things (IoT) 

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, storing information such as emails, meetings, contacts, and more. 

Smartphones have become the central hub for smart products such as sports bands, smartwatches, smart TVs, and other wearables with the introduction of applications. This, however, is not the conclusion of the story. 

Smart gadgets are becoming more affordable for consumers as costs drop. By 2025, there are anticipated to be 75.44 billion connected devices on the planet, and cost-effectiveness is one of the driving forces behind this android app development trend. 

Kotlin Multiplatform 

At the moment, Kotlin offers developers a fantastic feature: multiplatform projects that may be utilized instead of Flutter. It’s an experimental feature in Kotlin 1.2 and 1.3, but it’s expected to grow in importance in the future years. Kotlin strives to let code be shared between platforms. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, JavaScript, JVM, iOS, Android, and embedded platforms such as STM32. It expedites the development process and frees up time for the team to focus on more challenging tasks. 

Android Jetpack 

Android Jetpack is a set of tools, standards, and libraries that assist Android app developers in creating more sophisticated apps. The primary goal of this collection is to make routine development tasks easier. Google provides well-organized documentation that makes it simple to get started with this product. 

The UI, behaviour, architecture, and foundation are the four main components. Android Jetpack is one of the most current Android app development trends since it enables app creation easier and faster. 

Bottom Line 

Every year brings new inventions, fresh ideas, and changing trends. Based on the aforementioned trends, we can confidently state that the Android Operating System is rapidly developing towards a seamless experience focused on meeting customer needs. 

If you’re planning to create an Android app, keeping the aforementioned trends in mind will be quite beneficial. 

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