Innovative Business Solutions provides development and support for SAP based products all around the globe. Innovative Business Solutions provide Updations, Modifications, Maintenance and consultation services to existing SAP Clients working under various business models. The SAP Services vertical of IBS is a new addition in the long list of Development and maintenance services covered by IBS. IBS is specialized for all user and developer products present in the current market like ERPs and Digital core, Cloud and Data Platforms, Procurement and networks, Analytics etc.

Application Management Services

In the era of high speed communication and technology, poor application performance and untimely communication results in reduced productivity, less efficiency and overall depletion of organizational time, resource and money. IBS provides comprehensive assessment, strong delivery and effective solutions to improve the overall performance of your business application for an improved, consistent, robust business model.

Implementation & Global Rollout

With companies crossing national boundaries, implementation and rollout is a obstacle faced by all. IBS is proficient to provide end to end solutions to all implementation and rollout problems.
The improved use of SAP HANA helps to increase the efficiency of all operations and business processes. IBS helps to create simpler and effective user environment and interface, real time insights about operations, better  planning with current data availability and robust data model for higher productivity.

Upgrade and migration services

IBS has efficient means to assess the potential of the exiting services and its viability, performance, functionalities ad features. IBS helps migrating the workload on SAP HANA to have a more cost effective and efficient system with proper model assessment, technical upgradation, Functional upgradation along with system and platform migration in the best possible time and effectiveness.