IOT (Internet of Things)

Internet of things (IOT)

Internet of things is the network of physical devices, appliances, switches, circuits and other gadgets which are controlled by software, electronic circuits, sensors, actuators and communication devices to connect, communicate and transfer data. IOT helps physical devices to operate in a closed circle with the help of computer based access and through the existing internet infrastructure which makes automation and accessibility easier in day to day life.

The real life applications of IOT are so extensive that it covers all consumer segments, business verticals, Industrial sectors even infrastructure and energy. The IOT market is set to grow unfazed in the coming years with tremendous growth market in B2B & B2C groups.

Internet of Things @ IBS

Innovative Business Solutions is willing to divert all energy and focus on new innovative concepts and products based on various market needs and necessities. IBS is on the verge to launch its own range of IOT based models and products which are set to create a boom in the market with applications both in industrial sector and consumer households.

Innovation with the existing infrastructure is what IOT is meant to do in the near future.
IBS is running training sessions and workshops in various colleges; universities and corporates focused on IOT based development and market applications. IBS is empowering students and graduates to become proficient in IOT based services, pushing them to create their own ideas to reality and finally into market ready products.